Crick Valley Farm

    Simply a NCPCS Life Adventure

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Supporting the conservation and propogation of heritage breed Rhode Island Red chickens.


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Free Range Pigs are happier Scratching on a tree is almost as good.

Free Range PigHappy pig, wanting to be petted

Free Range Pigs waiting on Dinner Basking in the sun at the forest edge

Free Range Pigs Love attention Visiting with friends


PigsRecycle Pigs and Chickens, Love Pumpkins


Linville Road C&T Produce, Recycling Winners

Clemmonsville Road Pumpkin Patch, Recycling Winners


Because a picture is often worth more than a thousand words

Here our animals live in peace with nature in a quaint secluded, quiet valley where a slow running Crick springs from the base of Clodfelter Road in Davidson County NC.

He lives long that lives well; and time misspent is not lived, but lost forever. Waist no time so that you may defer no ends.

Thank you for visiting Valley Crick Farms,                            Trusting first in God next in Labor