PCs, Laptops, Tablets & MORE,.. Electronics Support Specialists.. Our technicians help with: Computer & all sorts of Industrial Equipment repairs

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Anywhere in the Triad, $85.00 Trip and first half hour,... $45.00 each additional Onsite hour.

TO SAVE YOU $$$$$, we offer Flat Rate Bench Fees,.... Fix any Laptop only $65.00, Desktops $55.00 (Includes all labor hours for dissasembly reasembly format, reinstall and configuration)

Necessary Hardware costs not included if applicable

Professional Computer Service          Since 1999

Computer Publishing, Vinyl Graphics and T-Shirt Printing

logo design / branding, identity development / business card, letterhead, envelope wedding / invitation design, save the date brochure design newspaper / magazine / internet ads photo illustration / retouching packaging design point of purchase / banners, posters, signage product / lifestyle photography tradeshow / booth signage, theme development, promo items and much more. if you have an idea, we can custom design it.


As the Triads premier consumer electronics, computer and electrical repair experts. We are F.C.C. radio technician, F.A.A Aircraft or Drone and also HVAC , MobileAC and Power Generation Equipment certified, authorized to service and repair most major brands of equipment. Visit our state of the art electronics testing and repair facility located in the center of the Triad. We own the best electronic test & repair equipment in the industry. We often custom design and build our own test equipment as required including a variety of Fixtures for testing circuits or cable assemblies.

Electrical Power Generation Equipment Repairs

Welcome to NCPCS, (formerly NCPCDOC.com), We are located central to the Triad area's of North Carolina working to be your best choice for computer and electronics repair, web design, and computer generated graphics. At North Carolina Professional Computer Services, our number one goal is to help you with technology. Our experienced and certified technicians are available 6 days a week to resolve issues as complex as setting up a business network infrastructure, or as simple as helping you get the most out of your PC or laptop, all right now or within 24 hours of scheduling your appointment.

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